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    SUEZ Water - Water Technologies & Water

    Select Neptune Ultimate

    Ultrapure water polisher

    The Select Neptune Ultimate provides a high flow of guaranteed 18.2MΩcm ultrapure water for analytical and life science laboratory applications.

    ECO: Sustainable water purification systems for laboratories

    Reduce water and electricity wastage in your lab with our industry leading reverse osmosis (RO) systems with high water recovery rates and intelligent standby mode.

    Ask for the ECO option on our popular Select water purification systems for an easy upgrade which can be made retrospectively to existing systems on your next service visit.

    ECO option


    Select Neptune Ultimate

    Our Select range of water purification systems is compact, robust, simple to use and easy to maintain.

    Additional features for the Select Neptune Ultimate

    • Space-saving, dependable, bench top or wall mounted systems
    • Dispense rate up to 2l/min
    • Optional external storage tanks up to 100 litres
    • Installation kit and all consumables included for first year’s operation
    • LCD colour touch screen panel
    • Visual and audible alarms included
    • USB port to download event data and upload software updates
    • Semi-automatic clean cycle
    • TOC monitoring
    • Point of use 0.2μm filtration

    Additional features for the Select Neptune Ultimate

    • Ion exchange cartridges incorporating monospherical, semiconductor grade mixed bed deionising resin with a low TOC leaching profile and a high activity organic absorption media
    • Sub-micron and ultrafilter to remove particles, bacteria and endotoxins
    • 185nm or photo-oxidising UV to cleave organic compounds into smaller charged ionic species that can be removed by ion exchange
    • 254nm UV to reduce bacteria by more than 99%
    • WiFi connection

    Unit Specifications

    Width (mm) 310
    Depth (mm) 560
    Height (mm) 750
    Max shipping weight (kg) 21
    Max working weight (kg) 29

    Installation Requirements

    Power Single Phase, 110-230V, +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
    Feed water < 20μS/cm
    Maximum TDS (ppm) < 14
    Minimum inlet pressure – psi (bar) 5 (0.34)
    Maximum inlet pressure – psi (bar) 20 (1.38)
    Feed water temperature 1-35°C

    *Product outputs based on a feed water pressure of 4 bar

    System Specifications

    Display panel LCD – Colour touch screen
    Internal filtration Ultrafiltration
    Point of use 0.2μm
    UV lamp 185nm & 254nm
    Recirculation pump ?
    Ultrapure polishing cartridges ?
    Dispense modes Latched – hold – volumetric
    Dispense flow rate up to 2.0 l/min

    Treated Water Specifications

    Inorganics > 18.2MΩ.CM
    pH* Neutral
    Bacteria < 0.1cfu/ml
    Organics – TOC (ppb) < 1
    Particles Ultrafiltration
    Endotoxins < 0.001EU/ml
    DNases < 4pg/μl
    RNases < 0.01ng/ml

    *pH of stored water may decrease due to absorption of free carbon dioxide

    Process Flow